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Yahoo10 Most Unique Mini Golf Courses in the U.S.

"Ditch the broken-down windmills and decaying fake grass for a more thrilling golf experience. With moving obstacles, inventive themes, and other quirky touches, these mini golf courses located throughout the country stand out from the rest. The next time you're on vacation or looking for a new activity to spice up the weekend, be sure to visit one of the most unique mini golf courses in the U.S."

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Yahoo5 must-play miniature golf courses

"Where else can you see China, France, and South America without leaving upstate New York vacation hotspot Lake George? Nowhere, we suspect. This nationally renowned, picturesque course will give you a taste of sights from all around the globe, while putting your putting skills to a world-class test. There's even a second course, Around the USA in 18 Holes, if you fancy something a little closer to home."

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Travel & Leisure America's Wackiest Mini-Golf Courses

"It's a small world indeed at this mini-golf course where each hole represents a country through its famous landmarks (and a few stereotypes). The France hole requires you to hit the ball through Napoleon's animated leg; for Egypt, golfers must hit the ball through three pyramids; for Australia, the ball must be hit into the kangaroo's pouch. Brazil's Sugarloaf Mountain is the final test: make a hole in one and you receive a prize. For those who want more, there's always the on-site Around the U.S.A. in 18 Holes."

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Entertainment Designer 10 Craziest Mini Golf Courses on Earth

"Players can travel the world without having to board a plane at Around The World Golf's two themed courses in Lake George. Around The World and Around The USA feature holes designed to represent countries throughout the world and some states in America. The 40-year-old course includes European and Oriental themed holes, giving golfers something of a cultural and educational experience. Highlights include a giant Native American statue and a colossal axe-wielding lumberjack. The creators of this globe-trotting course will be proud to take their place in the top ten for a fun, novel idea, allowing mini golfers to travel the world without having to break the bank."

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Mental Floss The 15 Best Miniature Golf Courses

"While traveling the course of biblical stories can be fun, it hardly compares to the magic of a trip around the world. For this mind-enriching experience, head over to New York's Around The World in 18 Holes. Each hole represents a different nation, including France, China and the good ol' US of A. This course was also rated as one of the top in the nation by The Travel Channel, so it's a great option for those looking for a cheap way to travel the world."

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The FW 10 of the Coolest Mini Golf Courses Ever Made

"Just a hop and a skip away from Lake George, you'll come across the Around the World in 18 Holes mini golf course. Here you can golf on the American side of things, or else take a tour around the world, and visit such fascinating places as Europe and the Far East, with each exotic locale shrunken down for your putting convenience. You'll become a world traveler in no time at all."

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