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Around the World Miniature Golf on Beautiful Lake George

Lake George Mini Golf

Around the world golf is one of the oldest and most original miniature golf courses in the area. Designed by Lake George local Harry Horn, this course was inspired by his travels around the world and the souvenirs (some bigger than most, such as the Rickshaw) he decided to bring back home. Home being a picturesque location with stunning views of Lake George itself and the steamboats. 

There's a travel itinerary for all visitors---either they visit the land marks around the world, or embark on a journey or around the United States.  Since its inception in 1963, each hole has been maintained to preserve the antique feel of a real miniature golf course while maintaining a lighthearted adaption of popular landmarks. Popular landmarks include the Taj Mahal, a giant sombrero, or a life sized lobster and a replica of the New York City subway.

This challenging course has been featured in a wide variety of magazines and top lists of some of the best golf courses in the country. Regardless of the fame, one the biggest things that Mr. Horn enjoyed was the fact that locals who grew up playing the course would bring their children to play as well. 


1st Game: $10.75 Adult / $8.00 Child
2nd Game: $7.25 Adult / $5.50 Child
Seniors $1 off adult price.

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2nd Weekend in May to 2nd Weekend in June:
9am - 9pm

2nd Weekend in June to Labor Day Weekend:
9am - Midnight

After Labor Day: Please Call

This outdoor course is open from the second weekend in May to the second weekend in September depending on weather and offers group discounts.

On Thursday nights, this location is the perfect spot to gaze at the fireworks display.

So come take a trip with us - and discover why locals and visitors alike visit year after year!

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